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TrueSafe Features

Setup Wizard - walks you through the simple setup steps
Select any number of folders and files to backup
Backup Profiles - create and run multiple backups, schedules, and destinations.
  Assign a description and image to a profile
Advanced options - including backup of hidden and system files

Flexible backup activation - run your backup on a schedule, when you insert the
  backup media, or manually
Scheduled backup - performs the backup automatically per your defined schedule.
  Choose the frequency, including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, as well as specific
  day(s) and time to run. Optional skip intervals
Media Insert Activation - runs your backup when the device is inserted. Great for
  backup to usb devices! Just plug in your device and your backup starts automatically
Manual backup - run any backup "on demand"
Incremental backup - intelligent backup algorithm speeds backup time
Suspend/Resume support - option to wake up your computer at the scheduled time
Locked file support - backup open and locked files without having to close the application.
  Great for backing up your Outlook email and contacts
Unobtrusive - continue working on your computer while a backup is in progress

Flexible Backup Destinations
Hard Disk
USB Drive - Flash, hard disk
Network Drive
Remote Computer - backup your data to another computer over the internet! Now you can
  obtain disaster level protection by backing up your data to the machine of a friend or
  family member. Utilizing the same encrypted communication used when you bank online,
  your data is transmitted securely to the remote computer

Your choice of non-proprietary backup formats
Zip Format - compatible with standard zip utilities such as WinZip. Optional compression
  and encryption
Native Format - a replication of the files and folders to backup
File Versioning - archive multiple versions of your files. Specify the number of versions to
  retain. Restore any version
Restore Options - restore missing files, specific versions
Archive Views - view orphaned, missing, and stale items

Reporting & Notifications
Email notifications - get notified when your backup completes or when it is overdue
Activity Log - shows you your backup history, listing when files were backed up
System Event Log - view activity in the Event Viewer
Health Indicator - shows you how current your backup is
Tray icon - visible indicator shows you current status
Changed File Indicator - convenient display of the number of files changed since your
  last backup
Sounds - assign your own sounds to play upon key events, including backup start,
  finish, and more

Hosted Backups
Host Other Users - allocate storage to friends you authorize so that they can backup their
  data to your computer
Secure Authentication - utilizes SSL encryption to authorize access to your hosted users
Encrypted Archives - only your hosted users can view their archived data, with
  all encryption/decryption taking place on the hosted user's computer
Storage Quota - you decide how much disk space to provide each hosted user
Bandwidth Control - limit the internet bandwidth allocated to hosted users
Compressed data transmission - minimizes internet bandwidth and speeds backup
Diagnostics - verify that your host computer can be accessed over the internet by
  your authorized users

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